31 High St., Suite A, Guilford, ME 04443 * 207-876-4813 

Friends of Community Fitness in Guilford


Friends of Community Fitness in Guilford is a nonprofit fitness and community center. We promote a healthy lifestyle through providing various forms of physical exercise, social, & educational opportunities for people of all ages & financial means. 

As a 501c3 non profit organization, your donations to Friends of Community Fitness may be tax deductible. 

We have fundraising events periodically over the year. These funds are used for different purposes, ie: scholarships for low income members including children and seniors, purchasing new equipment, special programs such as fishing for 4th graders w/Hooked on Maine Outdoors, Potluck luncheons (free & open to the public). There are many ways you can help us continue to provide an excellent service to the greater Guilford area. You may choose where you'd like your donations used, how much you'd like to donate, and how often.

Thank you for your support of Friends of Community Fitness!