Healthy4Life is specifically geared towards community members that have completed HeartWise  or a cardiac rehab program.  Participants seeking cardiovascular disease prevention are also encouraged to join.  We will use cardio equipment such fan bikes and light weights to gently work through a fitness program specific to each individual. 

​4 Key Components of Healthy4Life

*Cardiovascular Exercise

*Strength Training



potluck bruncheon socials

Our Potluck program is currently on hold due to covid concerns.  check back as We hope to resume them in the future.

silver sneakers

classes are held Mon, Wed, Fri.

*Preregistration required

The Silver Sneakers Program through tivity health offers FREE membership to members who have Medicare Supplemental Insurance through specific insurance companies. Please call your insurance agent or visit the website above to see if you are eligible for a FREE full membership!

a matter of balance

A Matter of Balance is designed to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults who manifest this concern. MOB uses practical coping strategies to reduce fear of falling and to diminish the risk of falling, including group discussions, mutual problem solving, exercises to improve strength, coordination and balance, and home safety evaluation. Classes are held throughout Piscataquis County. Call 876-4813 for more information.

31 High St., Suite A, Guilford, ME 04443 * 207-876-4813 

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