Certified ComFit Personal Trainers
Community Fitness Personal Trainers have the certification, training, and skills to design a fitness plan for individuals or small groups that focus on specific goals.  Training regimens  will help participants:

*Achieve weight goals
*Get stronger
*Improve physical performance
*Maintain health
1 hr Packages: 
5 sessions $150     
10 sessions $250 
20 sessions $450 

Single Sessions: 
$25 per 1/2hr
$30 per 1hr

8 Week Workout Plan:

Small Group Training:

2 participants: 
5 sessions $225 
10 sessions $375
20 sessions $675

3 participants:   
5 sessions $300     
10 sessions $500 
20 sessions $900

4 participants: 
5 sessions $375     
10 sessions $625 
20 sessions $1,125


All group participants must be of similar abilities & have similar goals. No more than 4 to a group.

Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness

For our seniors who have supplemental medicare insurance: Some providers offer Silver Sneakers benefits. If your provider does, then your membership at Friends of Community Fitness is FREE, and entitles you to a full membership for all classes and activities and use of the facility. Ask your provider if you qualify for a FREE membership through their Silver Sneakers Program. We offer Senior Fitness classes 5 mornings a week!




We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. Scholarships are available for low  income eligible members. These scholarships are not reimbursed by any state or federal monies but are entirely covered by our members who are paying full price and/or with fundraising activities. We keep our fees deliberately low to enable as many people as possible to afford to join.  Please inquire if you feel that you need assistance to cover your membership fees.  

Corporate Rates are available. Please call 876-4813 for details.


Friends of Community Fitness in Guilford
31 High St., Suite A, Guilford, ME 04443 * 207-876-4813 

Personal Training Sessions are one on one sessions with a certified personal trainer, guiding participants through the entire work out time.  

8 Week Workout Plans provide two half hour training sessions with a certified personal trainer and a customized workout plan designed to meet individual needs and goals.  The two sessions are used to teach clients the exercises and coach proper form at the beginning and mid point of the program.